Attention Women! Here Are 6 Exercises To Avoid

 Attention Women! Here Are 6 Exercises To Avoid

Looking fit and healthy has become such a fad today that even youngsters go to the gym to train and workout. Healthy eating habits, exercising, jogging and the likes are the few ways people follow to keep in shape. While, it is necessary to keep fit, over doing exercises can have a serious impact on your health. Here are 6 exercises you must avoid

1. Abdominal crunches

Even though this exercise is a great way to tone your abdominal muscles and get rid of any flab in that area, it puts a lot of stress on your backbone. When the stress on your backbone builds up, it causes backache, which can be permanent. Hence, avoid doing this exercise.

2. Sit-ups

These exercises are done to work on the abdominal muscles, but they don’t directly help the muscles as the muscles get toned isometrically. It also causes strain and tension in the lower back muscles and the spinal cord as the action of pulling the body up uses the lower back muscles. Avoid this for a pain-free lower back.

3. Running

Running is a sure shot way to burn those calories and get rid of all that fat, but is this the best for your body? Running puts pressure on the ligaments and joints of the back. All that extra pressure on your body can cause muscle spasms. Walking, however, gives the same results minus the side-effects.

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