8 Stupid Myths About Drinking

Stupid Myths About Drinking

Drinking is considered an awful habit across the world. Alcohol becomes even more defamed because of various fictitious stories spread among people. Myths about alcoholism or drinking mislead people about its nature and effects. It is very important to differentiate between myths and facts of drinking. This will not only make you more educated about alcohol but it will also help you have it in the right quantity without getting addicted. Following are some myths about drinking.

1. Beer doesn’t make you an alcohol addict

A lot of people think that beer cannot make them an alcohol addict. This is a myth! Beer certainly contains less amount of alcohol compared to other alcoholic drinks but the fact is that it is equally harmful for the human body. So, beer can certainly make you an alcohol addict.

2. Alcoholics drink alone

Another myth is that alcohol addicts drink alone. A lot of people think that alcohol addicts don’t drink in social gatherings. The fact is, alcohol addicts can drink alone as well as with other people. You may or may not spot an alcohol addict in a group of people having alcohol.

3. You can drive after a few drinks

Alcohol directly affects the nervous system of your body. It remarkably reduces your ability to think and react. That’s why, there is no second thought about the fact that it is dangerous to drive after drinking.

4. Drinking makes you more passionate

A large population of the world is of the opinion that alcohol increases libido. The fact is, alcohol can be a bad choice for you if you want a great sex life. Alcohol widens the blood vessels of penis and allows the blood to flow into it easily. Along with this, alcohol makes the blood flow out of the penis quickly. This ultimately results in erectile dysfunction.

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