Simple Ways To Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

Simple Ways To Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

What is a healthy lifestyle? One that includes a balance of the physical and mental health of a person, and all that is required to obtain it. Everyone talks about it, but also have many excuses to put off working for it, the most common being “no time”. We never seem to be able to make time for ourselves, and yet there is always time for work, and the million other little things we do that do nothing good for us. Following are simple ways to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Exercise is the most basic requirement of a healthy lifestyle. While going to a gym or putting in time for a long and strenuous workout may not be an option for so many of us, there are little ways to exercise, ones that take no time at all. You can fit these in to your regular routine, and not have to do anything that takes time away from what you’re usually doing. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk to work. Take your dog out for a walk. Take a walk around the block when you go out to get your mail. Stand up at intervals while you work, and stretch your muscles. Most importantly, sleep well. Long term learning and tissue repair take place while you sleep, so you understand why it’s vital to your well-being. Exercise makes you fit, increases your lung capacity, maintains flexibility, and reduces risk of heart diseases, blood pressure and diabetes.

Eating well is also connected to healthy living. But eating well does not mean you completely change your habits and eat only bland healthy food. All that is required is a balance between the different food groups, because each one of them is necessary for a certain purpose. Carbohydrates and fats, for energy, proteins for growth, vitamins, minerals and fiber all need to be consumed in sufficient quantities for a balanced diet. Avoid red meat, as it leads to heart problems, and include fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily intake. Have fruits with your breakfast; add it to your cereal, or drink a glass of fresh juice. Add vegetables to sandwiches, or to pasta and salads. Eat several small meals throughout the day, instead of three big meals. Keep yourself hydrated, by drinking plenty of water. This keeps you feeling fresh, and flushes out toxins and wastes from your body.

All the effort you put in to be physically fit will be of no consequence if you don’t feel mentally and emotionally fit. Stress weakens your immune system, and decreases life expectancy; not to forget, it causes premature aging. Take time out for yourself and do what makes you feel good. Renew your interest in a hobby, or start a new one. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones, and surround yourself with cheerful experiences. Don’t forget, laughter is the best medicine!

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