7 Facts about Vodka

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One of the most preferred alcoholic beverages around the world is vodka. But there are several interesting facts about the popular drink which many people do not know. Listed below are 7 interesting facts about vodka:

1. Till 1885, vodka was sold in only 12.3 liter buckets.

It was only after that year that smaller bottles containing the widely popular drink began to be available in the market. This was helpful because, vodka was expensive and investing in a 12.3 liter bucket was almost like losing a small fortune.

2. Traditional vodka has exactly 38% alcohol content.

In European countries, vodka is any drink which has more than 37.5% alcohol content. And, in the United States, vodka is any drink which has at least 40% alcohol content or more!

3. Vodka is one of the purest drinks of the world.

That is because it is distilled from water ethanol and fermented grains or potatoes. It hardly contains any fusel oils (unlike other alcoholic beverages) and it is carbon filtered.

4. The shelf life of vodka is relatively smaller.

Vodka must be consumed within 12 months of the date of manufacture. It goes bad if stored for longer periods.

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