5 Reasons to Keep Sugar Intake Low During Holidays

5 Reasons to Keep Sugar Intake Low During Holidays

We tend to eat a lot around the holidays. Not only do we have more time to cook leisurely and also eat without hurrying to work, we also tend to take a break from our normal eating habits and exercise routines around the holidays. Nothing wrong with that, but we need to realize that food around the holidays tend to be a little sweeter and fattening than the normal food that we would have every day. There are a lot more pastries and other desserts which contain a lot of sugar. We add sugar to our drinks, to our food, to the processed food, ice cream , chocolate and a lot of other things we would not even associate with sugar. Keeping your sugar intake low during normal days is advisable and it becomes all the more important during the holidays and here is why.

1. Sugar packs in a lot of empty calories

The problem with sugar is that it has a lot of empty calories. It does not also make you fell full, so you end up eating a lot and adding on to the calories in your body. Especially sugar found in fizzy drinks can be really harmful. You can replace an aerated drink with natural fruit juice to feel fuller and healthier.

2. Increased sugar intake leads to high cholesterol

And high cholesterol levels in the body are a major cause for heart diseases and the reason for heart attacks. Sugar decreases the levels of good cholesterol in the body and increases the levels of triglycerides which is completely unhealthy and puts you at risk for a heart condition.

3. Low blood pressure when the intake of sugar is reduced

Your blood pressure goes down when you decrease the levels of sugar you put in your body. A high blood pressure causes a lot of health problems and may even cause death in a lot of cases. Bring down your sugar intake to reduce your blood pressure and enjoy your holidays.

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