Top 5 Benefits Of Eating Apples Every Day

Top 5 Benefits Of Eating Apples Every Day

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is what we’ve been hearing all our lives. Gerri and Patricia, both avid health enthusiasts, are out here to prove that apples are great for our overall health. Let’s find out 5 benefits of eating an apple every day.

Benefit #1: Apples are rich in antioxidants

Women love antioxidants because they promote good health, prevent diseases and are also known to have anti-aging properties. “Apples are rich sources of antioxidants which prevent or reduce the risk of cancer, heart diseases and also help us women maintain our youth”, said Gerri, 39, who always has a few apples in a fruit basket on her kitchen bench.

Benefit #2: Apples contribute to fiber intake

Apples contain fiber, which is known to regulate bowel movement, help prevent colon cancer and also improve overall gastrointestinal health. Although apples may not have very high fiber content, they are considered to be a good source if you include them in your diet every day.

Benefit #3: Apples are a top weight loss tool

We love the sound of this benefit of eating an apple every day, don’t we ladies? “With extremely low levels of fat, apples are a top diet choice for most women who want to lose weight”, said Patricia, 26, who lost 34 pounds over the last 11 months by the good old way of eating apples regularly and exercising. Gerri credits this weight loss to the benefit of eating an apple everyday because an apple is a great way to satisfy those hunger pangs.

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