7 Sinful Foods to Avoid While Dieting

7 Sinful Foods to Avoid While Dieting

If you are on a diet to shed some extra pounds, then it is a must to pay heed to your diet. Food intake directly affects your weight, so have foods which are good for your dieting. Avoid foods which contribute to excess weight. Listed below are some sinful foods to avoid while dieting, read on.

1. Rice cakes

Rice cakes are high in glycemic index, which does not satisfy your hunger. Though, low in calories, having rice cakes will not let you feel content. Avoid rice cakes if you are on a diet. It is a good idea to have other high fiber meals which are low in calories and also provide energy to your body.

2. Pasta

If you think that pasta is diet food, then this is not true. Pasta may be low in calories, but it is definitely high on carbs. Intake of pasta can increase your carb intake. That in turn will prevent weight loss. Have whole grain pasta as it is rich in fiber, and has lower carb content. Avoid the regular pastas if you are on a specific weight loss diet plan.

3. Dried fruits

Dried fruits are rich in minerals and vitamins, but having them daily is not good. Dried fruits are high in calories and sugar content, so it can curb your weight loss. Have natural fruits in your diet plan if you are dieting. Fruits like peaches, berries and plums can be eaten as snacks the whole day.

4. Alcohol

Alcohol has no nutritional value and is high on calories. While dieting, any type of alcoholic drink should be completely avoided. This can affect your weight loss. If you have a habit of drinking alcohol, then drink red wine that too in small amounts.

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