6 Health Benefits of Vodka

6 Health Benefits of Vodka

We love to enjoy parties and get high on drinks. If you came to know that the alcohol we consume has health benefits too, then what could be better than that? It does not merely give you a kick but helps you with weight control, stress and heart diseases. Vodka has health benefits and can be mixed with a large variety of beverages. Here are 6 health benefits of vodka.

1. Helps in weight reduction and diet control

A great benefit of this alcohol is that it helps in weight reduction. Vodka doesn’t contain carbohydrates and very less calories. You could combine vodka with sugar free juices or have it neat, instead of having it with soda and full of calorie sweetened beverages. This will avoid weight gain and will not hinder your diet plans.

2. It helps to release stress

Alcohol makes our mood and mind light when consumed in small amounts. Vodka when consumed in certain limits will set your mood and will help you to relax. You will feel stress free and you wouldn’t have a bad hangover, unlike whiskey.

3. It helps with blood pressure control

Vodka when consumed in moderation can help in controlling the problem of high blood pressure. Its moderate intake can lower the chances of developing hypertension. It also improves blood circulation along with reducing high blood pressure.

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