5 Biggest Fat Traps in Life

5 Biggest Fat Traps in Life

Fat traps- Unknown to you, you indulge in some activities that make you fat. Fat traps can be seemingly innocent things that put you into a lull or give you a false sense of belief that what you do won’t make you fat. It is also a slow process, so you won’t actually realize that you are piling on the pounds until it is too late. You tend to fall into fat traps mostly when you are trying to lose the pounds. This is a bit contradictory, as in a bid to lose weight you tend to believe whatever you are told and there are a lot of myths that float around. Usually they just remain myths or false beliefs and you end up being the loser, that is, loser in terms of gaining more pounds. Another easy way to fall into a fat trap is to get married and lose control of what you eat and your figure. Here is a list of the biggest fat traps.

1. Eating ‘man-sized portions’

Generally men weigh more than women and also eat more. But the fact is that they tend to burn calories faster than women. So when you eat along with a guy and eat as much as he does, there is a tendency for you to put more weight than him. The best thing to do would be to stop eating as soon as you start feeling full.

2. Low fat milk

It is one of the biggest fat traps ever. Low fat milk like the name suggests is milk with very less fat content. But the downside of drinking low fat milk is that it gets digested too quickly. Since you do not feel so full anymore, you tend to snack on something else or eat something to fill up your stomach. Not only does low fat milk not serve its purpose, it also makes you eat more, making it a big fat trap.

3. Date nights

It is easy to start eating a lot and a lot of ‘nice fatty stuff’ once you start getting comfortable with your date. Once you get past the initial nervous stage, you tend to become comfortable and start eating a lot. The culprits are popcorn, soda, steaks and a line of tempting high calorie desserts.

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