6 Fun Facts about the April Birth Flower

6 Fun Facts About The April Birth Flower

Birth flower for April is the Daisy. It means that all the people born in April share this sun-like flower as their birth flower. It has over 20,000 species which are native to Europe, North America and South America. The flower is extensively sold by florists because of its popularity, and hence grown all over the world.

1. Origin of Name

The scientific name for Daisy is, ‘Bellis perennis’. The name Daisy is a modified version of the name ‘day’s eye’. This is because, the Daisy closes its flower head in the night and opens up in the day. The other common local names of the April birth flower are lawn Daisy, common Daisy, English Daisy, African Daisy and Barberton Daisy.

2. Physical Appearance

The April birth flower Daisy is a non-woody plant and grows close to the ground. The leaves are generally spoon-shaped, up to 2-5 cm long and green in color. The April flowers are multi-petaled and mostly have a yellow center. The Daisy flowers are available in many different colors. The flower head, usually up to 2-3 cm in diameter, has tiny yellow granules which work together to attract insects. The Daisy flowers are also called composite flowers because of their complex structure.

3. Symbolic Meaning

The April birth flower symbolizes innocence and blissful pleasure. The Daisy also represents modesty and juvenile nature and loyal love.

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