5 Foods for Healthy Joints

5 Foods for Healthy Joints

It is very important to have strong joints and maintain the strength in them as they help in various movements. We are able to undertake so many activities like walking, dancing jumping, climbing, bending because these hinges like parts are present. Joint problems and injuries can be very painful and cause hindrance in many activities. It is important to eat food that would help strengthen your joints. Here are 5 foods for healthy joints.

1. Nuts

Vitamin E helps in maintaining and protecting the strength of the joints. Eating almonds regularly would help protect the outer covering of the joints as it’s a rich source of vitamin E. Sunflower seeds and peanuts are also sources of vitamin E.

2. Papaya

Consuming foods rich in vitamin C helps keep away problems like arthritis. Arthritis affects the joints and to avoid it, consume vitamin C rich foods. Papaya is a good source of vitamin C, along with vitamin C it has other antioxidants that help maintain joint health.

3. Apples

Collagen being a fibrous protein helps in protecting the joints and helps it to bear the pressure. Apples contain antioxidants that help in collagen production. Quercetin is the antioxidant responsible for the collagen production and is in the skin of the apples. So, have your apples without peeling their skin.

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