5 Signs to Know If You Are An Alcoholic

5 Signs to Know If You Are An Alcoholic

One of the worst habits you can have as an individual is alcoholism. Not only does it ruin your life – both mentally and physically – it also takes a toll on your family members, your kids and all those around you who love and care for you. If you think you are an alcoholic, you should seriously consider the damage you are causing, and try and change yourself for everybody’s benefit. Here are the 5 major signs to know if you are an alcoholic.

1. Unable to stop drinking

Once you start drinking, you lose control and continue drinking till you become almost cataleptic. You are unable to stop drinking and though you may start by drinking a beer with low alcohol, once the alcohol enters your body, you begin craving for and start having more heavy drinks like whiskey, vodka and so on. This kind of lack of control is a sure sign that you are alcoholic.

2. Negligence of duties

Due to your drinking habit, you neglect your duties – personal or work-related. If you have a tendency of delaying your work or forget it altogether owing to your habit of drinking, you are an alcoholic. You do not give time to your family or to your work because you are busy drinking.

3. Guilty conscience

You feel guilty because of your habit of drinking, but never seem to bring yourself to get rid of it. You are constantly reminded of the damage you are doing to those close to you – including your kids; you feel bad and at fault about it too, but then again go back to drinking. You are an alcoholic if you have a guilty conscience and feel sorry for this bad habit of yours.

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