8 Signs You are Unhealthy

8 Signs You are Unhealthy

There are many ways in which our body indicates to us that something somewhere is not right. Unfortunately, most of us fail to catch these warning signs and end up facing major health problems and diseases. We give you some of the signs that point towards an unhealthy body.

1. Difficulty in getting proper sleep

If you find some irregularity in your sleep pattern, then this could be a sign of some kind of problem within the body. Not being able to sleep can be very detrimental to your mental, emotional, and physical health. It may be caused owing to some stress or other problem within the body. If you, rather frequently, find it difficult to sleep, then it is time that you visit a doctor and get yourself checked.

2. Constant fatigue

It is possible that you may be getting all the sleep in the world but still be feeling constantly tired. This happens with a lot of people and most of us ignore it. If you find yourself tired all the time then it could mean that your thyroid is not functioning right. It could also be indicative of the fact that your adrenal glands are burned out. Constant fatigue can also be a result of an intake of excess smoking, processed foods, alcohol, etc. All in all, do not take this sign lightly and visit the doc.

3. Sudden loss of weight

While most of us are fighting hard to shed those extra pounds, it may not be a healthy sign if you find yourself losing weight for no apparent reason. It is important to keep a tab on your weight and see a doctor if you find a consistent drop in it and no explanation for this sudden drop. It could be a sign of something else being wrong with your body.

4. Loss of appetite

Many a times you may not feel like eating since you ate a lot earlier or have some sort of indigestion, etc. However, if you notice a loss of appetite for no apparent reason, then this should not be taken lightly. As a healthy individual, you should feel hungry after proper intervals and should be able to digest properly. But a drop in appetite is a sign that you are not completely healthy.

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