6 Things To Do During The Two Week Wait

6 Things To Do During The Two Week Wait

No matter how desperate you are, you can take a home pregnancy test only after two weeks from your ovulation date. That is the minimum wait period most home pregnancy tests demand to get reliable results. Even though some of them claim to give you the result a few days before your period’s due date, it is wise to wait. So how do you pass this two-week wait period amongst anxiety and expectation? Read ahead to find how.

1. Paint your toenails a different color everyday

Yes, once you are pregnant and get into your second trimester, you might not be able to reach your feet at all. So it’s probably a good idea to use up all the nail polish that you have bought.

2. Knit mittens and booties

Even if you are a naive to the field of knitting, these two accessories are very easy to knit. So go ahead and buy yourself a knitting kit and some colorful wool. You will surely be able to use this soon for your baby.

3. Try new recipes

Once you get pregnant, you’ll have to experience nausea. You will only throw up everything you eat. It might even become hard for you to cook. So, you can try out some new recipes and treat yourself to some nutritious food items.

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