5 Fastest Ways to Lose Weight

5 Fastest Ways to Lose Weight

Do you think there are shortcuts in weight loss? If your answer is no, read further to understand the feasibility and if your answer is yes, read further again to add more techniques to losing weight quickly. Besides delivering fast results, these techniques do it the healthy way and hence you can be reassured of their safety and efficacy to quick weight loss.

1. Cook your own meals

From the moment you resolve to lose weight, ensure to prepare your own meals. The benefits of this method include adjusting portions as per your daily calorie requirement. When you prepare meals yourself, you will begin to prefer the healthiest mode of cooking. This includes less oil and steaming or grilling food stuff. With managed portions and healthy mode of cooking, you will begin to notice visible differences in your body. Eat out only when you have absolutely no option.

2. Consume ample amounts of water

Most Americans consume at least 245 calories every day by way of soft drinks and sweetened fluids. Light beer, fruit smoothie and energy drinks contain about 100 calories. Water on the contrary has zilch calories but sufficient nutrients, making it a drink that satisfies your appetite and pleases your health. Water promotes body metabolism and flushes toxins. Double or triple your intake of water and replace every such high calorie drink with it to begin observing results in a short period of time.

3. Eat high calorie foods in limited amounts

You can include high calorie foods in your diet but limit the portions. You can indulge in tasting high calorie foods rather than making an entire meal out of them. This way you will neither deprive your body of the sinful decadence nor consume heavy calories. 3 ounces of lobster will do no harm but will turn disastrous if you have it in large quantities. Similarly, if you cannot stay away from ice cream; place a tiny dollop on a bowl of water rich fruits such as melons.

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