5 Health Benefits of Lettuce

5 Health Benefits of Lettuce

Known mainly for its presence in salads and vegetable sandwiches, lettuce is a crunchy green leafy vegetable which is rich in nutrients and is extremely beneficial for your health. Lettuces which are bright in color and have a crispy texture are the best ones to be consumed. Lettuce belongs to the daisy family of astaraceae, and is usually consumed raw. Listed here are the top 5 health benefits of lettuce.

1. Source of vitamin A

Lettuce is a rich source of vitamins. Fresh and raw lettuce contains plentiful vitamin A and beta-carotenes (beta-carotenes convert into vitamin A inside the body). Vitamin A helps in the maintenance of healthy skin by boosting the mucus membranes, and also helps in retaining good eyesight.

2. Helps prevent age related macular degeneration

Lettuce contains zeaxanthin which helps in improving eyesight by being absorbed by the retinal macula lutea. Zeaxanthin has antioxidant properties and also helps in preventing age related macular disease. It helps in the prevention of cataract too. Also, the flavonoids in lettuce help prevent cancer of the lungs and mouth.

3. Strengthens bones

Lettuce contains vitamin K which helps in strengthening bones by increasing bone mass and increasing osteotrophic activity in the bones which also helps in preventing osteoporosis. Vitamin K also reduces neuronal brain damage and therefore helps in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

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