7 Ways to Make People Jealous of You

7 Ways to Make People Jealous of You

Wanting to make people jealous is an intrinsic desire inherent in a lot of individuals. However, it is not always easy especially when you set out to achieve it on purpose. Here are a few things that can help you make the heads turn in envy.

1. Stop worrying about it

You must understand that most cool and talented women in the planet are original and rarely after fame. An independent woman is rarely interested in making heads turn or in making her friends or enemies envious. She is busy doing her thing and that is what makes her so special and attention worthy.

2. Pick the right company

You are always judged by the company you keep. People are not as envious of you when you are alone as when they are when you are with happening company. Finding that handsome dude to walk with you or the talented artist who can make you blush is one of the ways you can make others jealous. It is not just about finding the right guys alone. You need to have the right bunch of friends, your girl-gang that stands by you through thick and thin. In the long run, that can make a lot of people envious.

3. Get the right gadgets

Although there is no reason associated with it, most girls aren’t really adept at handling the coolest gadgets. But, that perception is slowly changing. The latest smartphone, the SLR camera or the coolest music players and gadgets like iPads and tablets are increasingly finding their way into women’s palms. Owning them and operating them expertly will irk your peers very obviously. Doing it with great aplomb on the social circuit, like sharing pictures with ease, getting the right directions and indulging in geek chats with other geeks will surely get you noticed.

4. Get the right look

A lot of women notice other women. They notice the outfits and the hairdo, the nails and the accessories. To make other women jealous of you, get the right look. It could be poetic tresses, wavy in the wind, or the skin tan that boasts of your holiday. It could be the stylishly straightened hair, high design handbags or super sleek stilettos. It could be the latest hair trend in town or the spiciest gown from high-fashion circuit. There is nothing that gets you eyeballs from other women the way an excellent outfit does, especially if it is a designer outfit that is hard to procure.

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