7 Ways to Develop a Charming Personality

7 Ways to Develop a Charming Personality

Charm adds to your overall personality. It is not something that can happen overnight. You need to be patient in order to become more charming. One can acquire this trait with the help of consistent practice. For instance, the more you practice, the better you get in dancing. Likewise, the more you practice to becoming charming, the better you get with time! Given below are 7 ways for developing a charming personality.

1. Show genuine interest in people

Loving everyone is not necessary. However, one should be fascinated or curious by people in some or the other way. If you are empathetic then you will be interested in knowing what others are feeling. Show interest in how one is working or what one knows. The questions you ask should be based on other’s interests. Remember to always sound polite.

2. Remember their names!

If you meet someone for the first time make sure that you actually remember their name.
It might take a lot of effort to get this right. When you are introducing yourself, you should repeat the name of the person out loud. This will definitely help you to remember his/her name. This should be followed by a small conversation. Use the person’s name during the conversation. When you say a person’s name more often, they will find you warm and open. And it will definitely make you stand apart.

3. Maintain a rapport

A new acquaintance or a stranger should be treated in a friendly way. Be open, smile, make jokes. This helps in breaking the awkwardness and helps in speeding up the process of being more charming to them. People start feeling more comfortable and welcome with a person who is friendly from the beginning.

4. Try smiling with your eyes

It has been said that when a person smiles through their eyes, it is considered to be the sincerest smile. The reason for the genuineness is that involuntary muscles are used while smiling through the eyes. When these muscles are used, it is not a courtesy smile, but an authentic one. This charms the other person. Use your eyes to give a soft look to people.

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