7 Tips for The Perfect Pedicure

7 Tips for The Perfect Pedicure

Don’t you wish to pamper yourself? Then, why not give yourself a pedicure. A pedicure not only enhances the beauty of your nails, but also reduces the stress caused by external factors. So, listed below are some tips for the perfect pedicure.

1. Soak your feet in warm water

Start with soaking your feet in the basin filled with warm water. It is important to add some Epsom salt in the basin or tub. This helps to remove excess dirt and dead cells from the skin. The best bet is to soak the feet for about ten minutes.

2. File your nails

After you remove your feet from the water, dry them up. Use a good nail polish remover and remove the old and chipped nail paint from the nails. If necessary, clip your nails to the desired length. File them using a good nail filer. Remember to keep the length same for all your nails of the feet.

3. Use a good buffer

With the help of a nail buffer, buff your nails to give it an edge. This also helps to even the skin and remove dead cells near the cuticle area. If you do not have a buffer, then use a toothbrush with soft bristles.

4. Use a foot scrub

A very important part of pedicure is massage. Use a good foot scrub or a foot cream for this purpose. Apply it around the area of your nails and massage it properly for two minutes. This helps to increase the blood circulation in the feet area. It helps to make your nails shine, the natural way.

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