4 Ways To Fall Out Of Love

4 Ways To Fall Out Of Love

Every girl dreams of that gorgeous prince on a white horse who would sweep her off her feet and make her fall into love. Ah, sweet love! But what you might need at times are ways to fall out of love. It might be the case that the one that you thought was the one, might not be that perfect after all! And the sooner you distance yourself from him, the better! Here are a few ways to fall out of Love.

1. Make a cons list

Forget all the pros, and let the positives go to hell. Focus on the negatives. What are all the things in him that drive you crazy? What is that annoying habit that he would not let go of? What are the things that you desperately wish were different about him? Use them to your advantage now. Start seeing how imperfect he is for you. It would be crazy to carry on and keep on loving him. Use your brain, you know this is not right. Use his flaws to fall out of love.

2. Get aggressive

Yes, the more you say it out loud, the more you will start to accept it. He is so not right for you. Even saying this like 5 times will make you feel a hell of a lot better. Get angry, get nasty, get mean and bitch till you can go no more, and then bitch some more. Words are more powerful than you think.

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