10 Exercise Myths You Should Know About

10 Exercises Myths You Should Know About

Exercise is the most advised activity to people world over today. For a healthy lifestyle, exercise is the safest and ideal option. With people getting busier by the day, fitness is becoming a major issue globally. With exercise becoming such a heavily discussed topic, there are a lot of myths floating around about exercises. Here are a few exercise myths you should know about.

Myth#1: More fat is burnt by exercising longer at a slower pace with low intensity.
Fact: The regularity and intensity of exercises defines how much fat would be burnt.

Myth#2: Exercise is a waste of time if it is not done often
Fact: Exercise is a benefit even if done just once.

Myth#3: Only heavy and hard exercises benefit the body
Fact: Simple exercises also count in burning calories.

Myth#4: Exercise is a sure way to reduce body weight
Fact: Reducing body weight also depends on diet and lifestyle.

Myth#5: Staying away from strength training will help you lose body weight and will add to the bulk of the body
Fact: Strength training only makes muscles stronger and does not add to the bulk.

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