Top 5 Tips To Shape Eyebrows

Top 5 Tips To Shape Eyebrows

“Beautiful women have beautiful eyebrows”, said Dolly, admiring her friend Casey’s freshly pruned brows. “If you want a great set like mine, all you need to do is follow some of my tips on how to shape eyebrows”, affirmed Casey.

Tip #1: Straighten out your eyebrows

“Don’t start shaping your eyebrows by directly tweezing or threading them away”, said Casey. “Run an eyebrow brush on your brows to make sure all your hairs are in the same direction. This eyebrow shaping tip will help you to remove the right amount of hair from your brows”, she added.

Tip #2: Measure the symmetry

“Casey, can you give me a tip regarding length?”, asked Dolly. “You have to make sure that you look at a mirror and mark out equal end points on your face so that the length of your brows on both sides remains the same. To implement this tip, measure the symmetry with a simple thin eyebrow brush”, explained Casey.

Tip #3: Select your tools according to the needs of your eyebrows

“Should I use wax, tweezers or epilators to shape my eyebrows?”, asked Dolly. “As far as tools are concerned, I can give you tips according to the thickness of your brows. Women with thick brows can use eyebrow wax or threading and women who don’t need much shaping and have thin eyebrows can go for tweezing”, she said.

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