7 Tips to Prevent Ingrown Hair

Tips to Prevent Ingrown Hair

Sometimes, body hair tends to curl back and grow sideways into your skin. Such hair is called as ingrown hair, which commonly appears in areas where the skin has been shaved or waxed. Shaving or waxing are the primary causes of such growth. However, tight clothing too can be responsible for ingrown hair. Ingrown hair can be really annoying. Hence, check out the following tips on how to prevent ingrown hair.

1. Take care of your skin

You must take care of your skin. Often exfoliate your skin using an exfoliating scrub. This will remove dead skin cells from the skin, which will make your skin softer and smoother. Dead skin blocks the follicles and forces hair to grow inward. Exfoliating removes dead skin build up.

2. Go for depilatory hair removal

You can use a chemical cream that removes hair from below the surface of your skin. Avoid shaving at all times. Depilatory hair removal will take out the ingrown hair along with its root, leaving no sharp tips behind.

3. Choose a different razor in case of emergency

Sometimes you may be in a hurry, which leaves you with no time for waxing or depilatory hair removal. In such cases, you can use an electric razor rather than a blade razor. The electric razors usually don’t cut as close as blade razors. Designed for men as well as women, these razors are a safer option to go with. You can buy a single-blade razor in place of a twin or triple-blade razor.

4. Let your hair grow properly before you shave them off

It is important to wait for your body hair to grow before you shave them off. This allows your hair to grow longer. If hair properly emerges out of the follicles, there arises no chance of ingrown hair.

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