5 Great Ways to Use Body Powder

5 Great Ways to Use Body Powder

We all know body powder is a great way to prevent that excess sweat and to keep our body dry and fresh like a flower. But there are unique ways in which you can use body powder to protect your skin and hair as well! Want to know how? Then you might as well read the below mentioned ways to use body powder and try the magic yourselves at home!

1. For protecting your makeup

With just a little bit of powder, you can help the makeup stay on your skin for a longer period of time. Dust some powder on your sweat-prone areas to avoid streaks of perspiration spoil your look!

2. For removing sticky hair after a haircut

You do know how irritating those stray, sticky hair are on your neck and chest, just after you’ve had a trendy haircut. So what do you do if you have to rush to a party right afterwards? Sprinkle powder on your chest and neck of course! This works best to get rid of those sticky stray hair.

3. For a smooth shave

Before using the razor on your legs, apply some powder and then begin the process. This will make your shaving experience a better and smoother one.

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