4 Ways to Get Good Skin

4 Ways to Get Good Skin

If you are blessed with great genes for healthy and shiny skin, maintain it. If you do not, switch to a clean lifestyle and indulge in healthy habits to get shiny skin. Having clear and glowing skin is not a simple task if you abuse your body. You will always see whatever you expose your body to. It will throw back unhealthy and dull skin when you do not give it ample rest, subject it to stress and bad eating habits and venture out in the sun without protection. Follow a proper ritual for your skin and body to ensure you delay signs of aging and walk confidently with shiny skin. Read and follow some ways to get good skin, which glows for as long as you take care of it.

1. Eat Healthy

There is no substitute to eating healthy. Having a well balanced meal full of essential vitamins such as as A, C, E and K do a lot of nourishment to your skin. They minimize oil production and keep your skin healthy and supple. Signs of aging including wrinkles are controlled to a large extent with consumption of foods such as eggs, apricots, carrots, cantaloupes, citrus fruits, strawberries, whole grain foods, green tea, essential fatty acids and nuts. Protein is extremely good for the body and skin and so is fat. You heard it right! Fats when taken in the right proportion offer anti-inflammatory properties and protect youthfulness of skin. High glycemic carbohydrates and sugar, on the other hand, cause more harm than they do good.

2. Take Gentle Care of your Skin

Some cosmetics and skin products contain harsh chemicals that cause a lot of damage to skin. They strip your skin of its natural oils and render it unattractive. Similarly, use of hot water, excessive washing and rubbing as well as frequent touching result in breakouts, acne, rashes and pimples. Cleansing is a good habit. However, using harsh cleansers and cleansers with ingredients that do not suit your skin type will result in dry and flaky skin. Natural ingredients are the best and consult your skin specialist before using a product for further assurance.

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