6 Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy in Winter

6 Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy in Winter

It is always difficult to maintain your hair, especially if Is long and thick. Things get complicated around winter time as the weather outside is cold and dry and this is going to take out all the moisture from the skin. Added to this is the constant heating system your hair will be subjected to. Just like the cold outside, the heat inside of your house will also damage your hair. Winter always calls for some specific measures to protect your hair. Here are a few tips to keep your hair healthy this winter.

1. Use oil to moisturize your hair

You can apply a few drops of oil on your hair anytime of the day. Oil locks in the moisture content for your hair and prevent it from getting to dry. Dry hair becomes brittle and breaks easily, so it is best to moisturize them and keep them healthy.

2. Tie your hair before you go out

The less you expose your hair to the elements outside in the winter, the healthier your hair will stay. If you plan on spending a lot of time in the snow or in the outdoors, tie your hair or wrap it around with a shawl.

3. Eat a lot of nuts

Sometimes no amount of protection from the outside would make a difference if you hair is not healthy from the inside. Nuts have a lot of fatty acids which are good for the hair. It makes sense to eat them more during winter as hair tends to get more damaged during this time of the year.

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