Top 5 Tips To Handle A Newborn

Top 5 Tips To Handle A Newborn?

“Handling a newborn can be a nightmare if you don’t know the right tips, tricks and the correct guidelines of doing so”, said Meisha, 38, a mother who had handled two of her own children as newborn babies a few years back. “Here are a few parenting tips for first time parents on how to handle newborn babies”, she said.

1. Keep your little bubs warm and cozy

“The womb’s temperature is slightly warmer than the outside room temperature”, said Meisha. “You must make sure that your little bub is wrapped in a blanket or a soft baby blanket all the time, in order to recreate the feeling and the temperature of the womb”, she added, saying that this was the most important parenting tip to handle newborns.

2. Maintain your own hygiene

“It’s very easy to forget this important parenting tip because we are just not used to doing it all the time”, said Meisha. “Make sure you sanitize your newborn’s surrounding and his/her accessories with lukewarm water or prescribed disinfectants. Even washing your own hands often is a great parenting tip that I can give you for a start”, she added.

3. Swing and cradle

“For the first few months, the best parenting tip you can follow is to swing your baby lightly when you put him/her to sleep. You want to make your newborn feel as if he/she is still in the comfort zone of the womb, right?”, said Meisha. “Also make sure that you hold your newborn’s neck and head with your palm when you cradle or swing”, she added.

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