10 Tips To Make Yourself Look Younger

10 Tips To Make Yourself Look Younger

So what if you’re not young anymore? Who said that you can’t make yourself look younger? Use these helpful steps and deceive all those around you. Here are 10 tips to make yourself appear younger.

1. Don’t over pluck your eyebrows

Your eyebrows don’t just frame your eyes, but your entire face as well. Extremely thin eyebrows with hardly any hair tends to make you look old. Over plucking can also damage your roots resulting in scanty growth.

2. Avoid exposing your skin to direct sunlight

Direct sunlight causes more damage to your skin than you can even imagine. Apart from skin darkening, it also results in skin aging by way of age spots and wrinkles. Hence, it is always advisable to stay indoors in the afternoons. In case, you have to go out in the sun, carry an umbrella, wear a hat or tie a scarf.

3. Use an pencil eyeliner and a mascara

With age, your eyes are likely to lose the spark that they had before. However, you can always opt for cosmetics to work the old magic. Use a pencil eyeliner instead of a liquid liner to frame your eyes. Team it up with a mascara for those perfectly rounded doe-like eyes.

4. Avoid darker lipstick colors

Instead, stick to lighter shades. Lighter shades will not only make your lips appear full, but will also suit your age perfectly well. You can also wear lip gloss to give you a sexy look.

5. Drink lots of water

Water works magic on your skin. It not only cleanses the skin, but also hydrates and keeps it moist. The outcome is, you’re rewarded with a beautiful and youthful skin.

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