How to Choose the Best Hairbrush?

How to Choose the Best Hairbrush?

Everyone’s hair is different. While some have long hair, others have short hair, some have it curly and others have it straight. There are also differences in the hair texture, ranging from rough and dry to smooth and silky. However, what is common amongst all women with different hair is the need to maintain their hair and make it look stylish and attractive. For that, it is essential to have the knowledge of different kinds of hairbrushes. Not all hairbrushes suit all hairstyles, and just like you are particular about your shampoo and conditioner, you need to pick the right kind of hairbrush as well for yourself. Here are some of the most common brushes that you should know about and the tips on how to choose the best hairbrush for your hair.

1. Paddle brushes

These are usually made on a wooden base and are considered best for long, straight hair. Most stylists use these brushes for creating hairstyles that require more length. They encourage shine and silkiness and are good on healthy hair. However, those with layered hairstyles should not use these brushes, as they might not give the volume and bounce one might be looking for.

2. Vent brushes

Vent brushes have bristles with tiny ball like tips on them. These brushes are best for dry hair, as well as short hair that might require texture and volume during styling. Vent brushes are good on short hair because they don’t mold the hair into any specific hairstyle or pattern, and work towards giving a very natural look.

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