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How To Compliment My Boss

Complimenting your boss is a huge task. It is a risk to speak your mind because of the position. But, if you compliment your boss in the right way, you will not only make...

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7 Tips on How to Come Out of the Friend Zone

If your feeling for your friend has changed with time, then you need to come out of the friend’s zone. How will you do that? Well, just be patient in your approach towards the...

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5 Sure Signs He’ll be Bad in Bed

Imagine that you’re with a guy or that you have great fantasies about a guy you’re dating. You cannot possibly think he would under perform in bed and worse not even satisfy you. It...

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5 Reasons You should be Patient While Dating

It can be a test of your patience to find a good date. Patience can work wonders if applied in dating. You may be looking for something serious, a fling or just some good...

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8 Tips for Texting Boys Easily

Text messaging is one of the most powerful ways to flirt and attract someone. Texting can serve as a foundation to a great relationship! But if you are too excited or nervous about texting...

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10 Reasons Why He Won’t Call You

It might have been your first date or you might have been going out for some time with this guy. And then you come back one evening after having a great time and look...

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13 Tips to Meet Your Dream Guy in 2013

2013 might have many things stored in for you. But if you are looking for your dream man, here are 13 tips which will guide you to meet and get one. 1. Love yourself...

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15 Reasons Why He May Never Like You Back

You have feelings dwelled up for a guy since many days, months or even for years, and you give him all the possible signals about how much you like him, but he never reciprocates...

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11 Things You Should Not Do on a Blind Date

The idea of a blind date can seem very exciting and adventurous. However there are things that you should keep in mind while going on a blind date, so as to ensure safety and...

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18 Signs You are Desperate for a Man

No one wants to be alone. Every one of us has the innocent desire to love and be loved by someone. But sometimes that’s not the case. You are single and there isn’t anyone...

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5 Steps to Deal with a New Crush

When you have a new crush, it becomes very difficult to control yourself when you are with him or he is anywhere in your vicinity. But instead of going weak at the knees every...