7 Tips on How to Come Out of the Friend Zone

7 Tips on How to Come Out of the Friend Zone

If your feeling for your friend has changed with time, then you need to come out of the friend’s zone. How will you
do that? Well, just be patient in your approach towards the whole situation. Change your view point to change the whole scenario. So, here are some tips to come out of the friend’s zone.

1. Do accept the reality

There is nothing wrong, if you have started to develop a liking for your friend. Do accept the situation. Don’t feel guilty of the fact that you are in love. There is something about the feeling of being in love. And, the first step is realization and acceptance. Once you accept the situation, you move to the next level.

2. Change yourself

If you want to impress your friend, then work on changing yourself. This includes your physical appearance and your habits. When you dress differently, naturally your friend would notice you. It is possible that your friend gets attracted to you. So, change your way of talking and your overall habits because he can fall for you.

3. Make him jealous

Well, if he also feels for you, then naturally this trick would work right. Just make him feel jealous by talking to other guys around. See how he reacts to the situation. Ignore him and go for fun dates with other guys. If he is in love with you, then he would come and confront you on the same, so you would know about his feelings.

4. Flirt with him

Be a little bold and flirt with him. Just start with casual flirting, so that he gets to know of some hint from your side. Just tell him and that he looks too sexy in short hair or the particular tee color suits him well. If he accepts your compliment with grace, then you may come out of your friends zone.

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