5 Sure Signs He’ll be Bad in Bed

5 Sure Signs He'll be Bad in Bed

Imagine that you’re with a guy or that you have great fantasies about a guy you’re dating. You cannot possibly think he would under perform in bed and worse not even satisfy you. It can be a major turn off for most women but there are ways you can find out how. Here are 5 signs a guy will be bad in bed.

1. He lacks passion and his touch doesn’t do anything for you

It is so easy to tell how good and passionate a guy would be in bed simply by his touch. If he doesn’t touch you in a way that ignites your inner desires, it shows that he would possibly not be good in bed. With his touch he should be able to draw you towards him and make you want him.

2. He lacks humor and liveliness

If the guy lacks a good sense of humor, is very dull and is not vivacious then you shouldn’t keep high hopes. He will not know how to add fun and spirit into the act. A fun person who can make the mood light and set a comfortable environment around you will surely be good in bed, unlike a guy who lacks these qualities.

3. He is very into his looks

If the guy is constantly worried about his looks, hair, fragrance, clothes, etc., then there are chances that he would be bad in bed. A guy who cleans up well is great, but overdoing it and obsessing about it shows that he is focused on himself and not you.

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