10 Reasons Why He Won’t Call You

10 Reasons Why He Won't Call You

It might have been your first date or you might have been going out for some time with this guy. And then you come back one evening after having a great time and look forward to his call which never comes. So what could be the reasons why he won’t call you again? Does he indeed share the same positivity you have about the future of this relationship? Here are some answers.

1. He is not into you

That would be the easiest answer, though not always the right one. He might have realized in the course of the time he spent with you that you are not the one for him.

2. He has found someone else

This sign is applicable especially if you are going out for some time and all of a sudden, the calls stop coming. Though not all men are casanovas, a few indeed are and he could just be one of them.

3. He realized you were too different

Sometimes a few moments with a person can be enough to give us a glimpse into his/her mind whereas sometimes it may take a couple of dates to realize that we have just been dating the wrong person and the differences are insurmountable.

4. He hates picking up the phone

A lot of guys aren’t big fans of Mr Bell’s invention and taking over the phone seems like an ordeal to them. Your boyfriend could just be one of them.

5. He is really busy

Remember he has a job to attend rather than simply trying to win you over, and so give him some space. He may really be taken up with his official work and may just call you once he is done.

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