15 Reasons Why He May Never Like You Back

15 Reasons Why He May Never Like You Back

You have feelings dwelled up for a guy since many days, months or even for years, and you give him all the possible signals about how much you like him, but he never reciprocates with anything close to what you expect. There is a very high possibility that he does not like you, and never sees you as his lover. This possibility can have many reasons to it. Here are some of the reasons why he may never like you back.

1. Don’t share similar interests

Opposites attract but when you don’t share anything at all in common, there seems to be no point in responding to someone. If he finds you too dull or boring or despises certain traits, he will never like you.

2. You look unattractive

In comparison to him, you look physically unattractive. Most men are very concerned about physical appearance in terms of weight, height and features. They might just not like you back for this reason.

3. Different social class

May be he belongs to an upper class family and does not look at you as a good match for him. He prefers someone who belongs to the same class.

4. He already likes someone

You like him without realizing that there is probably someone else in his life. When the moment of reckoning comes, it hits you hard. You cannot see him liking you back.

5. You are not popular

If you are an introvert or geek or someone who prefers not being in the limelight, your popular crush may never like you, simply because he hasn’t noticed you.

6. Your disposition does not match

Your dispositions are completely poles apart. You like him but he can never imagine being with someone like you.

7. He only treats you as a friend

He could also be your good friend and does not want to jeopardize his friendship with you. For him you can never be that person.

8. He has had rumors

He has heard very nasty rumors about you and despises you. No matter how much you try to clear your name, he can never like you back for what you have done.

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