8 Tips for Texting Boys Easily

8 Tips for Texting Boys Easily

Text messaging is one of the most powerful ways to flirt and attract someone. Texting can serve as a foundation to a great relationship! But if you are too excited or nervous about texting a guy, then you will probably end up saying something awkward in the message. Avoid that and check out some tips on texting a guy.

1. Begin casually

You can start your conversation with a simple “Hi” or “Hello.” If you know him well or if you have met him a few times, then you can use a mighty compliment in the text.

2. Wait for his response

His response will tell you if he likes to receive your message. If he is interested, he will surely revert with something sweet! You may send him further messages only if he gives a positive response. If you send him two messages a day and still don’t get a reply from him, then he is probably not interested in you. Stop sending him messages then. Don’t be disheartened and just move on!

3. Text him something he said in his older messages or the last meet

When you tell a guy that you remember something that he said in the earlier message or the last meet, then he takes it as a big compliment! It will give out hints that he is a little more special than your regular friends. So, text him about his favorite ice cream flavor or his favorite movie. This idea will let him know that you think about him even when you are away.

4. Sound intelligent, witty and original

If he asks you something through a message, respond to it with an intelligent answer. Guys dislike morons. If you reply to his messages in a sharp and witty manner, he will keep coming back to you.

5. Use his name in the message

A person’s name is the most priced possession for him. When you frequently include his name in your text messages, he will notice that you give special importance to his name. As a result, he will feel inclined towards replying to your messages and getting to know more about you.

6. Compliment him

Use text messages to offer compliments and impress him. If you are an introvert, this would work best in your favor. But make sure you send genuine compliments and not fake flattery.

7. Don’t sound desperate

Guys are attracted to girls who play hard-to-get. If you sound desperate in your text messages or text him every other hour, it will act as a turn off for him and he may cut contact with you.

8. Be precise

Guys get bored too soon. So, don’t send him lengthy messages. Keep your conversations short and precise. Send a romantic message once in a while and see how he responds. But never let the humor take a backseat.

The trick of texting your crush is to flirt with the help of humor! Just be playful and funny. Don’t sound boring. All the best!

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