11 Things You Should Not Do on a Blind Date

11 Things You Should Not Do on a Blind Date

The idea of a blind date can seem very exciting and adventurous. However there are things that you should keep in mind while going on a blind date, so as to ensure safety and possibility of having a good time. So here’s a list of 11 things you should not do on a blind date:

1. Don’t reveal too many personal details

We all know you love to talk, but hold your tongue when you are going on a blind date. Restrict your talks to general things. Try limiting the amount of personal information you share with your mysterious ‘stranger’.

2. Don’t bombard your date with questions

It’s natural for you to want to know more about him, but refrain from making it an investigation where you bombard your date with one question after the other. Let it remain like a normal date and let things unfold through your conversation.

3. Don’t wear extremely provocative clothes

It’s important to make the first impression, but what is more important is to make the right sort of first impression. You can wear sexy clothes but wear them in style and elegance. Recognize the difference between a good sexy dress and cheap provocative dress. Look decent so that you don’t send wrong signals to the other person.

4. Don’t reveal your financial details

That’s a big no–no. Don’t talk about your financial status or reveal your financial details.

5. Don’t nag

When you meet the other person on a blind date, you might dislike some habits such as the way he holds his fork or how he talks while eating, or how much noise he makes while chewing. Whatever little irritating things that he might be doing, don’t nag or tell him to do it properly.

6. Don’t look desperate

Hold on to your dignity and don’t do anything or say anything that makes you look desperate.

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