13 Tips to Meet Your Dream Guy in 2013

Tips to Meet Your Dream Guy in 2013

2013 might have many things stored in for you. But if you are looking for your dream man, here are 13 tips which will guide you to meet and get one.

1. Love yourself more

Indulge in some adventurous activities and enjoy life more. Love yourself more and pamper yourself at a Spa. Go for bungee jumping, learn to sail and paint with your friends. All these things will pave a way for self improvement. This will give you a real buzz. Once you are filled with more confidence, any guy will fall for you.

2. Be aware of wrong guys

There is a thin line between being ready to mingle and being desperate. The first man who offers you a kiss or invites you for a coffee, might not be the right one. Don’t settle for less than what you deserve. Don’t be one of those women who waste years on the wrong man. If you think a guy likes you then notice his behavior with his inferiors. He should be polite with the waiters as well as the women around.

3. Let him chase you for some time

If you like a man, give him a hint that you like him and let him chase you. This will help you find out if he is interested in you. If he leaves his ego behind and comes to talk to you a few times, then he might be the right guy for you. Leaving the ego behind is tough for men. That’s why the one who would do it for you might be in love with you.

4. Stay away from the bedroom

Enjoy the thrill of those beautiful early days and check if he is really a man who respects you and your feelings. Don’t go for a guy who invites you to his home or bedroom within one month of your friendship with him. If you go to a nice place with him and he tries to get cozy with you then you should not see this man ever again.

5. Lay back and stop hunting for the Prince charming

If you are tired of finding the right guy for yourself, then take a break and stop looking for him. He may pop up when you least expect it. Focus on yourself for a while and make sure that you are in your best form when you meet him. Don’t lose heart and just have fun being single. This phase won’t last forever. Waiting for your dream man can also be really fun and exciting.

6. Use your time to decide what exactly you want in your man

Make a list of what all you want in your man. A lot of girls try to find a man who has all the qualities her mom wants in her son-in-law. Your dream man, and your mom’s dream son-in-law may be very different. So, use your time to focus on the qualities you want in your dream man. Don’t forget to analyze some guys around on the same parameters. He might be sitting right next to you in your work place!

7. Stay ready for him

Get a new haircut, wear makeup, shave your legs and go to some nice pool parties. He can be anywhere! So, look good whenever you go out alone or with your friends. This doesn’t mean that appearance is the only important thing. In fact, this means that you love yourself and that’s why you want the best man for yourself.

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