18 Signs You are Desperate for a Man

18 Signs You are Desperate for a Man

No one wants to be alone. Every one of us has the innocent desire to love and be loved by someone. But sometimes that’s not the case. You are single and there isn’t anyone out there who is ready to mingle. So what do you do? Do you get stressed and restless? Are you making it too obvious for everyone out there that you are just too desperate? Read the signs given below and if you identify with them, then it’s evident that you are desperate for a man.

1. You are free and available all the time when it comes to dating or meeting a new guy at a social gathering or party.

2. You find yourself agreeing to everything that the guy is saying.

3. You dress up sexily so as to get men’s attention.

4. You give your phone number too easily.

5. You see your ‘Mr. Right’ in every guy you meet.

6. You take an instant interest in every guy who is single.

7. You start calling and texting the guy with alarming frequency just after the first few hours of the first date.

8. You say ‘yes’ to everything, just to make him feel happy.

9. You don’t mind kissing on the first date.

10. Even if he annoys you or insults you, you are quick to forgive him.

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