How To Compliment My Boss

How To Compliment My Boss

Complimenting your boss is a huge task. It is a risk to speak your mind because of the position. But, if you compliment your boss in the right way, you will not only make your boss happy but you may get a promotion as well. So, listed are some ways to compliment your boss. Read on to know more on this.

1. Start with basics

Start with basics like the color of the shirt. Don’t sound unpleasant or desperate while doing this, you have to be good in your tone. Simply tell your boss that the particular shirt color compliments his or her personality too well. Or, the shoes he or she is wearing is too classy. Your boss would definitely reply back with a broad smile.

2. Show that admiration

Just tell your boss that it is really great that he or she is in this position in life. It is a kind of admiration from your side. Tell your boss that it is not easy to achieve so much in life and he or she did it with so much conviction. So, this is like an admiration compliment from your side. It will work well in your case for sure.

3. Style of work

Compliment your boss on style of work. Tell your boss that his or her style of work is so inspiring, that there is so much to learn. You will definitely go in the good books after this compliment. Tell your boss, that everything looks easier working under him or her. That is enough to melt your boss’s heart for sure. It is a kind of subtle compliment from your side.

4. Be honest while complimenting

If you are not honest while you praise your boss, then you are in for a trouble. Like, if you tell lies, it will clearly be visible from your face. Always be honest while complimenting your boss. Your effort of compliment should be truly genuine in nature and not fake. After all, your boss is more experienced that you are in life.

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