8 Reasons Why We Become Obese

Reasons Why We Become Obese

If you believe that overeating causes obesity, then you are wrong. Overeating or unhealthy diet have a small role to play in obesity. There are many other reasons why we become obese. Listed below are some you must know about.

1. Genes

This is perhaps the number one reason for being obese. You may not be a big foodie, but still if you are obese, then blame your genes for it. If both your parents are obese, then the genes will be transferred on to you as well. So, genetic component has a lot to do with your size.

2. Medicines

Do you know that medicines also cause weight gain? Some medicines like anti psychotics and anti depressants can cause weight gain as a side effect. Prolonged use of such medicines may cause increased weight gain.

3. Excess sugar intake

You may not get obese because of the food you consume. But, sugar is an exception to the rule. Excess sugar effects hormonal changes in the body, which affects weight. Excess fructose in the diet can cause obesity in many cases.

4. Lack of exercise

If you eat well, then you also need to exercise to stay fit. Lack of proper exercise can also make you obese. You need keep a balance of diet and calorie consumption. Only intake of food and no proper exercise will definitely make you obese. Do exercise for at least half hour on a daily basis.

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