8 Ways to Impress Your Boss About Your Ability

Ways to Impress Your Boss About Your Ability

Whether you are a new employee or have been working for quite some time now, the impression your boss has of you is of utmost importance because the face of the job market is always changing. Tomorrow, if the company decides to lay off people as a measure of cost cutting, your name should be nowhere near their prospective list of employees whom they would like to bid adieu. Such should be your contribution and impression, that they should not even consider your name for any unwanted profile change or transfer or lay off. And even if they do, there should be someone higher up in the hierarchy who should vouch for your credibility and insist upon retaining you. Listed below are the top 8 ways to impress your boss about your ability.

1. Have a proactive attitude

First and foremost, every boss looks forward to their subordinates being proactive. They do not want to have people who need to be told everything every day. They want their employees to already know what needs to be done and actually do it. So by being proactive and taking initiative without having to be told every time brings you to the foreground and makes you noticed.

2. Strive for improvement

Another quality that cannot be emphasized enough is the desire to improve always. No matter what field you are in, there is always scope to improve whatever you are doing. Even if you are very good at something, remember there is always a way to improve, a way to try out something new or to take a different approach. By being interested and having the yearning to continuously improve your work is what makes a good impression.

3. Be eager to learn

At any point of your career, learning does not stop. Not that you do not know enough, but because there is so much to know and learn that everyone cannot know everything. Moreover, new techniques and methods are being discovered and invented every day. Even your boss would not know everything, and that is fine. But you should have the fire in you to absorb as much knowledge as you can by reading, researching and consulting experts in the field. This eagerness to learn more will surely make a lasting impression on your boss.

4. Grab new opportunities

If you are a go getter, there is nothing like it. Your boss will be able to trust your ability when he/she knows that whatever work is given to you, you will somehow manage to get it done. So, whenever there is a new opportunity which is probably fresh water for everyone in your workplace, your boss will be looking forward to those who would take it up as a challenge. You should be the one to take up such opportunities as it would reflect your nature of risk taking, adventure seeking and dynamic personality which will be considered an asset for the organization.

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