6 Things Children can Teach Us About Happiness

Things Children can Teach Us About Happiness

Children are innocent, their happiness is real. Unlike adults, they find happiness in small things in life. Children smile without reason because they are pure at heart. Children can teach us to be happy and content in life, with their small little ways. Listed below some things children can teach us about staying happy, read on.

1. Live in the moment

Small children are happy because they do not think about the past. They do not dwell on the past even if it is as bad as a spanking from parents. They do not think about future, they live for the moment. For them, everything is momentary. They seek happiness in small things like a chocolate or a toy. It is important to live in present and stay happy rather than worry about the future. Thinking about your past will also serve no purpose, because time will never come back.

2. Do what you love

Children often do things that they love; it is the reason for their happiness. If they like to draw, they use different colors and paint their imagination. If they like to sing, they sing fearlessly without the right lyrics. Happiness comes from within; it comes from things you love to do. Stay happy by doing things which you love. You are not here to fulfill others’ desires. Fulfill all your hobbies and desires, it will surely make you happy.

3. Dance like no one’s watching

Children dance like no one is watching them. They enjoy themselves and smile while dancing. Have you ever tried dancing like a free spirit? It gives you immense satisfaction and joy. Take a cue from small children, and dance your heart out when you are alone. You would feel that joy from within.

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