6 Things to Know About the MTV Show ’16 and Pregnant’

6 Things to Know About the MTV Show '16 and Pregnant'

Have you heard about the MTV show ‘16 and Pregnant’? MTV’s cult show ’16 and Pregnant’ not only created awareness about teen pregnancy but also taught valuable lessons on birth control. Are you aware of the other things related to the show? Check out some things about the MTV show ’16 and Pregnant’.

1. It has reduced pregnancy rate

Social awareness about teen pregnancy is the need of the hour. And, this show has made a small contribution in its own way. According to a recent research, the impact of the show is such that it has remarkably managed to reduce teen pregnancy. The show has helped some teens who deal with unusual sexual behavior.

2. It has taught a lesson

Teens who regularly watch every season of the show have definitely learned their lesson. As the show focuses on the hardships and implications of teen child bearing, many teens have gained knowledge from it. This has influenced them to be cautious regarding their sexual behavior at this age.

3. It has encouraged safe sex

These days, many teenagers indulge in unsafe sex, the implication of which could be severe. Thankfully a show like this takes them on the right path by guiding them. The show talked about unsafe sexual activities. So, this could actually be an eye opener for teens who watch the show.

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