5 Benefits of Hot Stone Therapy

5 Benefits of Hot Stone Therapy

How much does your body and mind yearn for a very relaxing massage at the end of a stressful day or week? If you’ve answered that question with ‘immeasurable’, then you must read this piece. Research has shown that the number one cause of many physical and psychological disorders is stress. Tension has the ability to work into your muscles and reach your joints and lower back and also tire your mind. But there are a number of massage techniques that can help relieve you of stress to restore health and energy to your body. The Hot Stone therapy may be one of the them but is a lot more thorough because the direct heat given off by the polished stones penetrate through different layers of your muscles. Listed here are some of the benefits of the hot stone therapy.

1. Helps to relax muscles and tissues

Although the hot stone therapy focuses on the strategic placement of heated stones on different parts of the body, it also includes many other healing techniques. With the help of medicinal oils, steady pressure is used to work effectively on ligaments and muscles. Therefore, the heated stones offer relief from muscle pain including arthritis and injuries. Penetrating heat leads to circulatory vessels’ enlargement thereby making blood flow easy and smooth.

2. Reduces stress

It is almost impossible to do away with stress since the modern man has numerous responsibilities to complete and objectives to accomplish. However, it is possible to relieve stress and eliminate its ill effects on your health. Hot stone massage helps improve blood flow and thereby increasing easy flow of oxygen plus nutrients to different regions of your body. This has a direct impact on healing and promoting detoxification. As your body detoxifies, a soothing effect on the nervous system helps in bringing down daily stress levels.

3. Relieves pain

Traditionally, you might have been exposed to the effect of sustainable heat in relieving pain. There have been numerous medical aids and equipments that use heat to offer relief from pain. Built on similar grounds, the heat from the polished stones penetrates into injured or aching muscles and softens the impact. By combining effective massage techniques, the heat further delves deeper into muscle layers and brings down pain.

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