Top 4 Benefits Of Black Tea

Top 4 Benefits Of Black Tea

Tea is probably one of the most readily available and the most popular beverages around the world. We’re sure your morning starts with tea and it then accompanies you throughout your day during meetings, when you have free time in office, during small get-togethers with friends, and even during the time when you have to work overnight. There are different types of teas available like black tea, green tea, herbal tea, white tea, Oolong tea, etc. It is observed that a lot of people prefer green tea over other teas, assuming green tea to be superior to its black counterpart. However, research has shown that both are more or less similar in their benefits. Black tea is made from the camellia tea plant and is rich in polyphenols, which are a type of antioxidants. Let’s have a look at different health benefits of black tea.

1. Black tea reduces the risk of stroke

There have been many experiments and researches done on the benefits of black tea. Most of the tests have proved that black tea helps in preventing stroke by reducing their probability. It has been found that it helps in reversing the abnormal functioning of blood vessels that can contribute to a stroke or a heart attack. Another study conducted on the people of Saudi Arabia revealed that black tea can reduce the risk of coronary heart diseases by 50%. Tea satiates 70% of the total need of flavanoids viz, phytonutrients and antioxidants, which are necessary for preventing the production of LDL i.e ‘bad’ cholesterol. It also repairs the damaged blood vessels.

2. Black tea against other ailments

Black tea also removes mouth viruses like herpes. Black tea helps in preventing many other diseases like diarrhea, pneumonia, cystitis, and many skin infections. Black tea, when applied on the face, helps in preventing premature aging, cures puffy eyes, and its strong antioxidants along with vitamin C and vitamin E make your skin look younger.

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