5 Worst Fast Food Picks

5 Worst Fast Food Picks

Everyone is aware of the side effects of fast food. Still, people relish it because of its taste. Fast foods may taste good, but they have a harmful effect on your body. Are you aware of the worst fast food picks? If not, then continue reading.

1. Burger King’s enormous omelet sandwich

Do not go by the name. It is the worst fast food ever. The sandwich has more than 730 calories and 330 mg of cholesterol. It has a high sodium level too. It may tempt you a lot, but the calories in the sandwich have something else to say. People generally savor this sandwich for breakfast; this might affect health in a negative way. It is for this reason that the sandwich was discontinued in the US but it still continues to pose health risks to people living in other parts of the world.

2. McDonald’s large size breakfast with biscuit

Many people opt for this breakfast from McDonalds. However, they are not aware of the calories the meal has. This meal has more than 1140 calories and 575 mg of cholesterol. It has 2250 mg of sodium. Do you still wish to have this for breakfast or other meal options? Many people have this with added sugar. Avoid the meal option, if you want to stay healthy.

3. Jack In The Box’s sausage sandwich

This meal has more than 670 calories and more than 290 mg of cholesterol. It is also rich in saturated fat and sodium content. Many people prefer this for their evening snack or meal. But, it is not a good choice for the body. If possible then avoid the meal plan.

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