5 Reasons Why You must Wish Happy Birthday to Colin

5 Reasons Why You must Wish Happy Birthday to Colin

Colin suffers from Asperger’s syndrome, a kid of autism where the patient has no control over his emotions and is not very socially adaptable. The people suffering from aspergers have problems communicating with people and also suffer from strange ticks and other physical ailments. They are also bound to do whatever that comes to their mind which is considered inappropriate by the society. This is one reason why Colin had no friends in his school and outside. Colin celebrates his 11th birthday on the 9th of March. When asked about his plans to throw a party by his mother, Colin had told her that he cannot have a party because he does not have any friends. Deeply pained and moved on hearing this from her precious son, Jennifer decided to set up a Facebook page. On reading Colin’s story people soon became his friends and the page has now become a worldwide phenomenon with Colin getting over a million friends all waiting to wish him on his Birthday. Here are some reasons as to why you must wish Colin on his Birthday.

1. His parents have decided to show him the page as a surprise on his Birthday

Colin still does not know what an impact he has created around the world. His parents have decided to show him the page with the wishes from all his Facebook friends on the morning of his Birthday. You must wish him on his Birthday at least to a part of the boy’s surprise and also get a chance to make him happy.

2. Colin does not have any friends

It is sad that he does not have any friends. Also kids from his school do not eat lunch with him because of his condition. He usually eats alone and feels very lonely. Nothing can be more difficult for a kid than be socially ostracized. Colin can’t help but be like this because of his condition. The least we can do is be his friend of Facebook and make his Birthday the most special day in his life.

3. You can show the little guy that not the whole world is made up of people like the kids from his school

By becoming His friend on Facebook, you can show Colin that not all the people in the world are like the kids who refuse to be friends with him and that there are other people who do not care about his condition. You will also get a chance to make the little kid the happiest little kid on his Birthday.

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