7 Common Myths About Cats to Know

Common Myths About Cats to Know

Crossing or walking after a black cat crosses your way is a bad omen! This is a common myth, which is quite famous and people believe in it. Let us see some other common myths about cats.

1. Cats love to have milk

Most people tend to believe that cats love to have milk. This is not true. Some cats are lactose intolerant, so too much of milk can harm them. As milk is rich in calcium, it is not that good for cats. Too much of milk can cause diarrhea or bladder stones in cats.

2. Cats do not need vet

Cats easily fall ill due to their weak immune system. But, they do not show any signs and symptoms of illness. They usually stay quiet when they fall ill and suppress themselves. Cats need to be taken to a vet for regular checkup once or twice a year.

3. Cats enjoy being outdoor

This is not true. Cats cannot really roam alone, as they are susceptible to infections and bird preys. It has been proved that indoor cats live longer than the outdoor cats. Taking them out once in a while is ok, but leaving them alone to roam outdoors is not.

4. Cats see in the dark

This is untrue. Cats have a better vision to see in the semi darkness. But, they cannot see in complete darkness as people believe so. In the dim light, their eye pupils become wide, which make them see things clearly.

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