5 Fitness Myths You Should Know

Fitness Myths You Should Know

We all want to be fit and healthy but it’s important to distinguish between facts and myths related to fitness before you start your fitness plan. Here are some of the common fitness myths that you should know about:

1. Lifting weights make women look masculine/heavy/bulky

Probably the image of professional female weightlifter with bulky body and stern looks crop up in your mind whenever you think about weight training. But the fact is that most of those female athletes use steroids to get that bulky look. Weight training in itself will not make you look masculine. If done under proper supervision and professional expertise, then weight lifting and training can be quite an asset to your overall fitness program.

2. A good workout is the one where you drop dead at the end

It’s another common fitness myth that if you are not exhausted by the end of your workout, that means you didn’t do enough. The fact is that your workout should be in line with your body’s capability and comfort. You should feel happy and fresh after your workout. Only then it will be a long term success.

3. 10 minutes on that ‘ab’ machine can help you get a flat and sexy stomach

This is simply a marketing stunt to sell ab exercise products. When it comes to fitness and losing weight, there are no shortcuts. It’s as simple as that. So, do yourself a favor and switch the channel when you see those gorgeous models trying to convince you to buy those ab machines to look sexy and slim.

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