7 Signs You are Married to the Wrong Person

7 Signs You are Married to the Wrong Person

If the day she gets married is every woman’s childhood dream, getting married to the wrong person is her nightmare! Too bad for you if did not realize and made the mistake of marrying the wrong person. However it is better to understand late than never. Are you having doubts about your marriage? Are you secretly regretting the day you said “I do”? Do you wish that you could turn back in time and win back your single status? Here is how you can make things clear. We bring you signs that maybe you are married to the wrong person.

1. He can’t stay loyal

Probably his flirtatious charm is what got you to love him so much. However if he is using this charm of his on every second woman who meets his eye, you got something serious to worry about. If he keeps cheating on you repeatedly, you just cannot imagine staying married to him. It is high time you need to think again about whether you want to continue with this marriage.

2. He is violent and abusive

No one has the right to abuse you physically or verbally, not even your husband. Sometimes in anger, he may say certain things that are too harsh. However if it is a daily thing, you most certainly cannot be okay with it. If he turns violent for little things, resorts to abusing you physically or verbally, you have to rethink about your marriage. You just cannot stay with such a man.

3. He never has time for you

If your husband really cares for you, he will want to spend time with you. Of course marriage comes with responsibilities and it may not always be possible to give you enough time every day. However if days pass by, and you don’t even see him making an attempt to take out time for you, then it is high time you have to smell something fishy.

4. He has some dangerous addictions

A person who has some dangerous addictions can be hazardous to live with. He will probably never be able to give up on them. And slowly and steadily these addictions will eat into your relationship. Hence it is not something you can take with a pinch of salt and forget about. His dangerous addictions will affect you and your children too. Hence it is time you put some serious thought into this marriage.

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